Worshiping with your Health in 2016

Welcome to Designed by God 2016!! We are excited to share some changes with you, changes we hope will make this blog a resource for you and your family, as well as a tool to teach the community about health, healing and natural living. To that end, be sure to subscribe to the blog on the Designed by God website. Also be sure to plug in on Instagram @designedbygodbook and on Pinterest @DesignedbyGod. Let’s share ideas and thoughts about natural living, what you’d like to see on the blog, and hear tips from Drs. Hess about how to put the principles of the DBG series into practice! 

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Now that housekeeping is done, let’s talk about the meat of this post: Fasting.

Fasting is mentioned over 70 times in the Bible, and we all know its an important part of worshiping, and of developing our relationship with God. But did you know that fasting can boost your immune system, kick start your weight loss and help prevent cancer!


A newly published UK study explains that fasting for 3 days causes your body to use stored sugar and fat to fuel itself, causing weight loss. 3 days of fasting also causes the body to conserve energy, which it does by recycling old or damaged white blood cells – which fight disease. You can read the article in full here.

Those results obviously come from fasting food, but what about the benefits of fasting from specific things, like sugar or caffeine? There’s a weight loss factor, but its also great for your hormones, your brain, and your teeth. Check out information about sugar fasting here – and maybe we’ll hear from Dr. Jeremy Hess about his own sugar fast later this week on Instagram!

I myself fasted from Starbucks – not coffee in general, Starbucks. Coffee, food, mints, the whole nine. For about the first week I was cold, grouchy, and sleepy. It was freezing outside, I had just started my freshman year of college and I was thinking, “I messed up big time.” But I prayed my way through, and my accountability partners encouraged me. By February 1 I could walk past the Starbucks without being upset, or craving coffee, and my energy levels were up so high I started working out in the morning instead of drinking homemade coffee. The fast improved my body and my mind – and my wallet.

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What if you fast by removing tv or games or (gasp) Facebook? You end up with more time, a better connection with your spouse and your family, your coworkers, everybody, and an uplifted spirit – we all know there’s a ton of negativity on social media, and taking a break for a day, or a week, or whatever works for you, will give you better input and thus better output. Check out this great testimony on Facebook fasting, and if you aren’t doing it then we’ll see you on our Instagram for Dr. Amanda’s tip on fasting, my January fast, and maybe some testimony from others like you!

Like, Share, Pin and interact, let’s make 2016 a healthy, happy, NATURAL year!


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