The Big 5: Harmful & Unnecessary Medical Procedures for Women

Ladies, it is a well known fact that we are more complicated than our male counterparts, both physically and mentally. And while it is fun to laugh at their simplicity, it is important to realize that our complexity can lead to vulnerability- especially when it comes to our health. Women are much more likely to see a Doctor and follow his recommendations, but more and more often this leads to harmful, unnecessary, traumatic medical experiences that further damage women’s health. Recent studies report that women take 36% more drugs than men, especially statins and narcotic pain relievers. Women are also more likely to have one or more unnecessary surgeries- especially in their child bearing years. So let’s take a look at the most common drugs and surgeries, and the possible alternatives for all you super-women reading and getting educated!

  1. C-Section

This topic is discussed extensively in Baby Designed by God, but a quick recap can’t hurt. C-Section, the surgical process whereby an incision is made in the abdomen and the baby is snatched out of the womb, is the most common surgery performed on women today. This surgery has life long consequences! Those abdominal muscles will never fully recover! This can also affect fertility and sex drive, restricting your ability to have more adorable, precious babies! To avoid a C-Section, do your research and form your birth plan. Get regular Chiropractic adjustments so your pelvis is in alignment and the baby is able to turn. Avoid medical interventions like epidurals and Pitocin- they slow labor and increase the risk of fetal distress! Remember, your body was built to house and birth that baby, so have faith in yourself!

  1. Hysterectomy

Do you know anyone who has had a hysterectomy? My mom did after my sister was born and it is one of her biggest regrets. You see, my mom wanted more kids. Lots more. A hysterectomy is the surgical procedure wherein a woman’s uterus and fallopian tubes are removed. That’s right. Removed. Gone. Forever. This surgery is discussed in Woman Designed by God, and my mom’s story is a major part of the chapter- get your hands on this information before you or someone you care about is robbed of the opportunity to have more babies! This surgery, like C-Sections, severs the abdominal muscles, causing the stomach to protrude no matter how many crunches you do and how well you eat. Because the organ has been removed, the hormonal processes associated with it are interrupted, causing menopausal like symptoms that NEVER go away. And this surgery is avoidable! Chiropractic care removes the nerve interference that causes the female organs to malfunction, restoring their ability to regulate themselves! There are also numerous herbal options to decrease discomfort from Endometriosis and other conditions the medical community cites as cause for a hysterectomy.

  1. Pap Smears and Mammograms

Most women dread reaching the age at which these screenings become “necessary.” Nobody wants to take off their clothes in a cold exam room and have a doctor poking around their lady parts. But we are taught to expect this, taught that our bodies will one day turn on us and ruin our lives, so we accept these “preventative measures.” But screening isn’t prevention. Its detection. And in most cases, these detecting procedures are done too often, causing false positives and anxiety, as well as unnecessary treatments. In most women aged 30-65, a pap smear every THREE years is enough! If you want to spread those icky tests out, it is perfectly safe to do so.

Mammograms. This is a controversial topic, I know. But here’s the thing. A mammogram exposes sensitive breast tissue to radiation- which we all know can cause cancer. There are other, less invasive, options that carry much less risk. We need to be less focused on finding cancer and more focused on preventing cancer. “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” as my grandma (89 years old and still going strong) would say.

  1. Mastectomy

While we are on the topic of breast cancer, let’s talk mastectomies. Remember Angelina Jolie having a double mastectomy because she has a gene that might be linked to breast cancer? We all thought that was crazy, right? But most women diagnosed with breast cancer, even in its early, very treatable forms, have the mastectomy even though it does not increase their chances of survival or remission, nor does it eliminate the risk of future cancer or the first cancer spreading. Actually, women who don’t have a mastectomy have higher survival rates! Think about it, your body is already fighting something, so if you have this major surgery, your body has to fight the cancer and heal from the surgery! Once again, prevention is the key. Preventing cancer has the highest survival rate!

  1. Drugs- Statins, Anti-Depressants, Osteoporosis and Pain Killers

Imagine your check engine light coming on, and instead of taking it to a maintenance shop, you cover the light with duct tape and keep driving. Then a few weeks later, your car shuts down in the middle of the road. Are you surprised? Probably not, because you know you should have taken it to

Alyssa pretends to adjust Dr. Amanda Hess

the shop. So why are we surprised when our bodies don’t function properly? Drugs just cover up the symptom; they don’t get to the cause of our health concerns. Ladies, you are 30% more likely to take a drug then your husband! And a lot of these drugs have side effects worse than the symptom they cover up. Research states that women on osteoporosis drugs have a HIGHER risk of fractures than those not on the medication, and women taking statins for cholesterol are MORE likely to die of heart disease! We have to start standing up for ourselves! Let’s get to the cause of health concerns and remove it. It’s so easy!


Step 1: Find a local, principled Chiropractor.

Step 2: Have your spine and nervous system checked for interference.

Step 3: Follow the Chiropractor’s recommendations for removing that interference through gentle, specific Chiropractic adjustments.

Step 4: Enjoy your health and vitality!

I would like to leave you with one of my favorite quotes, author unknown.

“God doesn’t make Junk. Just sayin’.”


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