The Road Less Traveled

The Road Less Traveled
By Charity Haulk and Dr. Amanda Hess.

The Road Less Traveled

One day in my sixth grade English class my teacher, Mr. Likins gave the class an assignment. We had to choose a poem from the poetry book, memorize it and recite it in front of the class the following week. I chose the poem, “The Road Not Taken,” by Robert Frost. The poem is about a person who sees two roads in the woods, both equally traveled, but cannot decide what road to take. Both roads look the same and one would like to travel both. The person sighs with regret, that he or she may never have a chance to travel down that other road. At the end of the poem, the person takes the road less traveled by and it has made all the difference.

The same is true when choosing a birthing road. There are two roads: The Natural Birth Road and the Medicated Birth Road and every woman that becomes pregnant, chooses one of these roads. When I became pregnant with my first born, Ethan, I chose the Medicated road. This was the popular choice. Everyone I knew was induced with Pitocin and was given an epidural. My mom was the only person I knew who had natural births. She would tell me stories of how she had very little pain, only pressure after her water had broke. She easily and naturally gave birth to me, my sister and my brother. She encouraged me to have Ethan naturally, that it was the best for both of us. I remember telling her that I didn’t want to feel anything.

Why would I want to have a potentially “painful” birth, when I could get an epidural and feel nothing. She would tell me that God has given pain and pressure, so I would be able to feel to push out the baby and every drug that I would receive, my baby would also get. I couldn’t believe this was true. My midwife and doctor would never give me nor the baby something that could be potentially harmful or have long term effects. My husband and I trusted that they would only make decisions based on what was best for me and our baby.

The medical birth model believes that the drugs given during birth like an Epidural are localized to the spine, having no effect on the baby giving the mother control over her body and a break from labor. The natural birth model believes that all drugs given during labor affect the mother and the baby potentially causing short term and long term effects and should only be given in the event that a true life-threatening condition arises. The medicated road is portrayed as painless, harmless and easier for everyone. Having traveled both roads, I can tell you that the medicated birth road is not what it appears to be. When my husband and I arrived at the hospital around 4:30 pm, we parked in the parking deck and walked across the breezeway to the hospital and took the elevator to the maternity wing of the hospital. When we checked in, the medical staff gave us some paper work to fill out.

One of the pages we had to fill out was called “Consent to Routine Procedures & Treatments”. The consent form states, “During the course of my care and treatment, I understand that various types of tests, diagnostic or treatment procedures (“Procedures”) may be necessary. These Procedures may be performed by physicians, nurses, technologists, technicians, physician assistants or other healthcare professionals.

The next paragraph goes on to state, “While routinely performed without incident, there may be material risks associated with each of these Procedures. I understand that it is not possible to list every risk or every Procedure and that this form only attempts to identify the most common material risks and the alternatives (if any) associated with the Procedures. I also understand that various Healthcare Professionals may have differing opinions as to what constitutes material risks and alternative Procedures”.

The form goes on to list the Procedures that may have to be performed, but are not limited to these five;

1. Needle Sticks

2. Physical tests, assessments and treatments

3. Administration of Medications

4. Drawing blood, Bodily fluids or Tissue Samples

5. Insertion of Internal Tubes

Under each Procedure was included the possible material risks associated with each one. The word “Material Risks” in layman’s terms means, “Physical/Bodily Risks”. To most people the words “material risks” does not sound as scary as physical risks. The “material” they were talking about was my body that was carrying my precious little baby. The consent form never mentioned that any of these Procedures could possibly cause any “physical risks” to Ethan, my baby. The second page of the consent form stated, By signing this form:

I consent to Healthcare Professionals performing Procedures as they deem reasonably necessary or desirable in the exercise of their professional judgement, including those Procedures that may be unforeseen or not known to be needed at the time this consent is obtained; and

2. I acknowledge that I have been informed in general terms of the nature and purpose of the Procedure; the material risk of the Procedures; and practical alternatives to the Procedures.

3. If I have any questions or concerns regarding these Procedures, I will ask my physician to provide me with additional information.

I also understand that my physician may ask me to sign additional informed Consent Documents. Looking back I do not remember even reading what the consent form said. When you are at the hospital preparing to have a baby, you are not interested in reading or analyzing paper work. I just wanted to get checked in and settled into a room. I trusted that whatever medication or procedures that might be done to me was for my own good. That they would inform me of what they were going to do before they did it. Once we got to the room, I was asked to change out of all my clothes and put on a hospital gown. They then took my blood pressure and temperature. A young inexperienced nurse then tried to start my IV line on my left wrist, but after four failed attempts, had to call a more experienced nurse who came in and started one on my right wrist, after the first try. Late that night around midnight my midwife came into my room and told me that I needed to get some rest and that she would give “something to help me sleep”. I said, “Ok, sounds great”, I thought I could just sleep until my contractions started or my water broke. At that time I was never told what I would be  given. I later found out that they had given me Ambien. After blindly taking the Ambien, I had an allergic reaction to the drug that caused me four hours of itching, scratching, shaking, dizziness and hallucinations.

The next morning I got a new midwife… A woman I had never met before. She came in and broke my water. I then was given an epidural, followed by Pitocin through my IV. While I felt nothing because of the paralyzing and weakening effect the epidural had on my body—Ethan, however, was receiving seven times the dose recommended for his tiny 7 pound 14 oz body. For six straight hours he was being squeezed by the unnaturally strong contractions that Pitocin causes and suffocated over and over again from the high doses of continual administration of Pitocin. This is why so many babies end up in distress during a Pitocin induced labor.

When I finally dilated to 10 centimeters, they told me to start pushing. Since I couldn’t feel any contractions, I artificially depended on the monitor, staff and my family to tell me when to push. I was laying almost flat on my back, with my feet up in the stirrups. The midwife mentioned that I may have to have a C-section, because I wasn’t pushing well enough. I repeatedly told them I couldn’t feel anything to push. But nobody listened to me. It was like I was invisible. They wouldn’t turn off the Pitocin or even turn it down. They kept telling me to bear down like I was having a bowel movement. I tried pushing with all I had. But I was exhausted. It had been 24 hours since I was allowed to eat or drink anything. After three and a half hours of pushing, Ethan went into fetal distress. His heart tones were dropping. Then without my knowledge they screwed the vacuum extractor to his head and tried to pull him out.

His head came out, but his shoulders got stuck, this is called shoulder dystocia. With Ethan’s head hanging limp out of my body, the midwife struggled to free his shoulders. When she couldn’t get him out, the nurse to the right of me “jumped” on top of my stomach, pushing down with her right knee, at the same time the midwife called a code pink and gave me a level 4 episiotomy, an incision where they cut from your perineum to your anus. When they finally got him out, he was not breathing. Ethan was lifeless and white as a sheet. My grandmother who was also in the room thought he was still born. Asking my husband to step aside, the midwife carried his limp body over to a table. She and several other nurses immediately began to resuscitate him.

While they were saving my son, I laid there paralyzed, barely able to see over my feet, wondering what was happening. I could feel the tension in the air. I knew something was wrong when my husband and my mother started to cry. I could hear one of the nurses say, “breathe, buddy breathe.” It was several minutes before they brought him back to life as he was gasping as he took his first breath.

AvaKate Birth Story

By Katie Guida

AvaKate Birth Story

During lunchtime on the Friday before I gave birth, I began to have what I thought were Braxton-Hicks contractions (because of  ultiple false alarms). The contractions continued throughout the day, but they weren’t that bad and I was not experiencing tightening in my abdomen, so I did not think that they were real contractions. This continued throughout the evening. I carried on about my night, making dinner, vacuuming the house, etc., only pausing when the contractions would hit. Around 11:30 pm while in the shower (to ease the gradually increasing pain), I began to have hot flashes.

At this point I realized that I was in transition, so I had my husband call the midwife, who was an hour away. She said she thought I was in labor but at that point wasn’t sure how far along I was, so she began the trip down to our house. Around 12:45 am, I had an overwhelming urge to push. The closest place to give birth at that point was the bed, so I fell on my back and began to push.

After five pushes, I gave birth to a baby girl, with only my husband and mother in attendance. At 1:14 am, AvaKate was born healthy and loud, weighing 5 pounds 10 ounces. I look back now and think what an amazing testimony to specific chiropractic care my birth was, as I’ve been under chiropractic care since I was 13 years old due to migraines I once suffered from.

Thankfully, my parents understood the benefits of having the whole family under chiropractic care as my siblings and I were growing up and I also received ongoing care throughout my pregnancy. I know that had much to do with my quick and fairly smooth birth.

 My midwife arrived three minutes after my baby was born. For two hours, we were at home enjoying our new baby girl and then the midwife started to perform the newborn exam on my baby. She found a strange rhythm when listening to her heart and requested that we take her to the pediatrician to make sure that everything was okay. Well, being 3:00 in the morning,there was no pediatrician’s office open, so our only other option was to take her to the ER. We took her to the local hospital in Henry County, Georgia and when we got there the nurses and hospital administration led us from the ER to the OBGYN floor and back down to the ER.

They didn’t know what to do with us. This was about 45 minutes of walking, which wasn’t easy considering I had just given birth. By the time they decided to send us back to the ER and we were registered, my baby’s heart rate was very low because she was extremely cold. The ER doctor came in, performed routine tests, didn’t explain much and told us to leave the room.

The nurse said that we did not want to stay in the room because it would be too difficult and we left feeling like we had no control. Once coming out of the room I was in tears, unsure of what was happening, so I sent my husband and father back in the room to find out. The ER doctor had decided to perform a tracheal intubation on my child, where they put a tube down the trachea to open up the airway. Once the procedure was complete, we were let back in the room. The ER doctor then proceeded to run more tests and then all of a sudden, the room was full of doctors and nurses who were in a panic because they said that my child did not have a blood pressure and yet she was obviously breathing.

The hospital made several mistakes during the time we were there with our newborn. The first mistake: They were checking her blood pressure with an adult machine, so it was not getting a proper reading on a small newborn. At this point, my child’s breathing continued to become more and more abnormal, so we were told that they were going to have to transport her to another hospital that specialized in neonates. She was then transported to Emory Hospital in Midtown Atlanta.

At Emory Midtown, the on-call doctor did her best to get AvaKate stabilized. When looking at the paperwork from the emergency room, the doctor found that they had given my baby three times the dose of a sedative (needed for the intubation) as required for a newborn—this was their second mistake and what caused my baby’s breathing to become sporadic. The doctor continued to work with my child to get her stabilized. She did not leave her side for eight hours until the sedative was out of her system. Sometime between 4 and 5 pm, there was a panic (which I was not made aware of until after) that my child stopped breathing for close to a minute.

By Sunday morning, my little baby was beginning to look like the child, rather than the supposed medical “disaster” that I gave birth to. She spent the next week in the NICU because she had to relearn how to latch on to my breast, because the intubation had numbed her senses and made it painful to swallow.

Prior to the hospital visit, she had already latched on and breastfed within an hour of being born. So we spent four days in the NICU working with lactation specialists and nurses trying to get her to eat and monitoring her waste. On Tuesday of that week, to our  urprise, we came in the room to see her and found out that a nurse had given her a vitamin K shot without our consent. This proceeded to cause her bilirubin count to go up and she spent the next few days under a blue lamp or what they call a bili light to help rid her of the jaundice that she was now suffering with. By Thursday night, she was eating and had gained a satisfactory amount of weight, so we were told that she would get to go home the next day. She came home on Friday afternoon and throughout the next few days at home she gained color and her expressive self returned. She got adjusted the very next day and has been receiving regular specific chiropractic care since. We have also chosen not to vaccinate her or give her any other shots besides the one given without our consent at the hospital. Praise Jesus, she is now a perfectly healthily and resilient kid.

I took my newborn to the hospital for what should have been a fairly routine heart rate check in the ER, but later turned into a myriad of medicals mistakes which nearly cost us the life of our baby girl AvaKate. Our situation with AvaKate unfortunately isn’t an isolated problem. Medical research showed that 77 percent of medication errors in emergency departments occurred during the prescribing and administering phases, which is what happened with AvaKate. The most frequent error in these situations is the improper dose or quantity given, which has a 24percent rate of occurrence!

Nikki Bradwell’s Wonderful Message

By Nikki Bradwell

Nikki Bradwell’s Wonderful Message

  • Hi Jeremy & Amanda,

    I have just finished reading your book ‘Baby, designed by God’. Firstly…Thank you!! I cannot even begin to express how delighted and thankful I was to discover & read it!

    I’m 35 weeks pregnant with my first baby, a lover and follower of Jesus and I’m very passionate about health, well-being and nutrition!! My husband and I took control of our health 2 years ago (juicing, good nutrition, good salt, water, coconut oil, vit c & d, Krill oil etc) and have not looked back. I was meant to read your book exactly when I found it. I nodded in agreement with every page of your book and have recommended it to so many people. I passionately agree with everything you have written.

    I’ve had a great pregnancy, a little morning sickness at the beginning but it stopped at 12 weeks. My baby is very active and I love feeling him move. He was in the breech position but recently turned and is now head down. Recently I’ve started to experience very painful/achy hips, particularly at night and have to turn regularly resulting in broken sleep.

    My husband and I knew before we got pregnant the type of birth we wanted. We are planning a natural home birth with a water pool and we have a doula. We have attended an active birth class and have been hungry for information so we felt informed. We don’t intend to vaccinate our baby and believe so strongly in nutrition and in a wonderful God who created us to be well and live off the land he created. We do feel very much in a minority and even our closest friends and family don’t agree/understand some of our choices. But we have such a strong conviction that God has created our bodies just as you describe it in your book. I am prayerfully seeking God on how I can share this passion for great birth/nutrition (as God intended) as a way to help others.

    Thank you so much for your wonderful book, for sharing your knowledge/faith/passion. You have encouraged, inspired and motivated me to pursue the birth and health that I know we can have. Bless you both. I can’t wait to read the next three books.

    Best wishes & God bless,


    Nicki & Chris Bradwell,
    Cupar (Fife), Scotland UK

Sean’s Birth Story

By Naomi Rice

Sean’s Birth Story

When my husband Jody and I first found out that we were pregnant with our first child, we were (of course) excited and overjoyed and I knew that I wanted to have a natural birth with as little intervention as possible. We attended an extensive 3 month childbirth class on the Bradley method for natural birth. During my pregnancy, I was blessed to find Doctors Jeremy and Amanda Hess. Not only did they help me have the best pregnancy, but they also provided a wealth of information and resources regarding information on such things as the truth about vaccinations, why babies should be checked and adjusted after birth and how chiropractic care can help pregnancy and labor. By the time I reached the end of my pregnancy, my husband and I felt fully prepared and ready to give birth naturally to a healthy baby.

We had arranged to give birth at the local hospital, but with a group of midwives who were completely on board with our birth plan. The hospital was not so prepared for us, though. My labor began at 41 weeks and we drove to the hospital when my contractions were five minutes apart. I was only 3 centimeters dilated, so we checked out of the hospital (which is not the typical procedure) and I continued my labor at my godparents’ house.

By the time my water broke, the contractions were still five minutes apart but much stronger and I had to completely relax during them. We went back to the hospital at this time and continued with labor for the next eight hours, although the time seemed much quicker than that to me. Jody and I had prepared and practiced this so many times that we had no anxiety or fear. He was my coach and advocate. While Jody straightened out paperwork issues, I talked with the nurses, who were very sweet. Whenever a contraction came, I politely said, “Hold on just a moment,” closed my eyes and relaxed.

Once the contraction was over, we continued our conversation. Jody passed out our birth plan to everyone who walked in the room so that everyone knew exactly what was going on, even if they were simply passing through.

He also had to interact with the administrative staff because the paperwork they expected us to sign contradicted what was previously agreed to on our birth plan, so they had to compose new forms that were not contradictory. I’m so thankful that my husband took care of all that while I concentrated on laboring.

Had he not been prepared for these obstacles, he might have signed and consented to the standard hospital protocols, which were in disagreement with our birth plan.

Throughout my laboring, news spread on the maternity floor that I was having a natural birth, so other nurses and staff randomly came into my room to pop their heads in to see what this was all about. One nurse told me, “Most of us have never seen a natural birth before!” I was shocked to hear this. Jody learned that at least 75 percent of the staff had never seen a natural birth; this explained why everyone wanted to stop by and witness it for themselves. I didn’t mind, though.

Prior to reaching the transition stage of labor, I enjoyed chatting with nurses and friends. As I bounced on a yoga ball, one nurse told me, “If you didn’t have that machine to monitor your contractions, I wouldn’t think you were in labor. You are much too calm and happy!”

When I reached transition, Jody read the signs and knew that we would be meeting our baby boy soon, so he encouraged me on through the toughest stage. Pushing the baby out was the easiest part. My body worked with the contractions (I was so thankful that I wasn’t numb or drugged so that everything could work the way it was meant to) and I pushed through the pain, squatting on the table in the hospital room where we had dimmed the lights. Jody’s excitement about seeing our son’s head was a great motivation for the last two pushes and then our baby came right out, the pain was all over and I was holding our precious baby boy in my arms. It was the most wonderful feeling on earth! I immediately forgot about the pain that I had experienced and fell in love with this wet, wiggling little soul.

He suckled my breast instinctively and we bonded for about an hour before I let the nurse clean him up, weigh him and hand him back to me. I was exhausted, as if I just completed a marathon (which I had, in a large sense), but I felt so content. The birth of our son Sean, 8 pounds 5 ounces, was the most amazing, wonderful experience. After experiencing a natural birth, I cannot fathom ever even  onsidering pain medication for this exhilarating experience. Sean was three days old when Dr. Hess came to our house after work to assess him for subluxations (bones out of alignment, a result of the birth process).

Since his birth was so smooth and uncomplicated, he didn’t need an adjustment, but as he grew, he regularly visited his chiropractor. Thanks to such excellent chiropractic care and a healthy lifestyle, he has never suffered from any ear infections, colic, major illnesses and has never been subjected to vaccinations.

Natural Remedies Are My First Line of Defense

Mimi Howe
Wife, Mother, Grandmother

Natural Remedies Are My First Line of Defense

How do you write down forty years of your life in just a few pages? I guess I will start with the highlights. When I was eleven years old, I began passing blood. Within six weeks the doctors had diagnosed me with ulcerative colitis. This would explain the pain I had lived with for as long as I could remember. I remember telling my mom that my stomach hurt. Like most moms, she thought I just had a tummy ache.

When the doctors gave me the diagnosis, they immediately went into their version of “cure” mode; if we remove the colon, then the problem is gone. Thank God my mother was a thinking woman and decided that if removing my colon ever needed to happen, it should be my decision and not hers. As you’re reading this, please understand that this was long before the Internet or search engines. We had limited information about the medical route of treatment or the natural/holistic route.

I lived with monstrous pain from not only the colitis, but also from the steroids and the kidney stones that my condition, the prescribed medications, and my diet created. The gastroenterologist gave me a low-residue diet to follow. This diet consisted of canned foods, no fiber, white processed breads, white potatoes and straight sugar. Dairy was removed as well.

I was in and out of hospitals for the next thirty years, either ill or being tested, drugged or biopsied. I was in a constant state of fatigue. The doctors told me that I wouldn’t live past the age of fifty, that my bones would be so curled up from the steroids that I would be bent over at an almost ninety degree angle, and I would die childless. After years of medical care, my situation was not improving and my prognosis appeared hopeless.

When I met and married my husband at the age of 32, he tried to tell me there was a better way to health. He had grown up in a home where natural remedies and chiropractic care were the first lines of defense against any illness. I had been in the medical community since I was a child. I considered myself a know-it-all and wasn’t going to budge. It took a horrible childbirth experience to convince me to go in a different direction.

My water broke the evening of May 7, 1992. I called my doctor and immediately headed to the hospital. When I arrived, I was placed in a bed and attached to monitors. Although I wasn’t in much pain, the nurse insisted that the pain would get much worse, and I needed a shot to thwart the pain. Although I was telling myself not to do it, I complied and allowed them to give it to me. Then my troubles began. My labor stopped, and since my water was already broken, they immediately started the induction of labor with Pitocin.

During the hardest point of my labor, my doctor left me for another baby in distress and didn’t return until my baby was in distress. I was forced into an emergency Cesarean section. I woke up sore from pushing, along with torn musculature, a terrible incision from the Cesarean, and blindness. I did not opt for an epidural, so in the process of putting me to sleep for the emergency Cesarean section surgery, the anesthesiologist taped my eyes shut, forgetting to close them before they were taped. When they removed the tape, they also removed the top layer of my eyes. I know this sounds unbelievable, but the story does not end here. Upon waking up two days later from the overdose of anesthesia, I found out that my baby had not been fed anything. What in the world was going on?

Now blind and still in a stupor from the anesthesia, I tried to breastfeed my daughter. The ophthalmologist believed that my sight would return because it was a superficial wound. After a horrible labor, incisions through my abdomen and uterus from the Cesarean section, anesthesia overdose, waking up blind, and learning that my baby had not been fed anything, that’s when I began to question the medical community.

Over the next few months I had a hard time lifting my baby because of the muscle strains in my arms, hands and thumbs from the writhing in labor. My back went out on me regularly, with me flat on the floor not moving for hours trying to relieve the pain. I depended on family to watch my child because I couldn’t do it myself. One day, my sister and my husband took me to a chiropractor. I knew all the horror stories and had been told that chiropractors were quacks.

Fearful with no belief in chiropractic, but willing to try anything at this point, I was amazed at how I felt after my first adjustment. My hips had been out of alignment for so long that I honestly believed one leg was shorter than the other. I even walked that way. I continued on my chiropractic journey. I had already given the medical community 30-plus years of my life, so it only made sense to give chiropractic time to help me function better. The most amazing part was that my general health started improving as well. No one ever explained to me how chiropractic worked and it didn’t really matter. I just assumed it was to make my back pain go away, which it did, but I was pleased that I had fewer and fewer flare-ups of my colitis over the next year.

Years later, after witnessing my parents’ diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease and helping to keep my father alive on a feeding tube for nine years in hospice care, I became voracious with the study of the human body. Yes, you read that right. My father was in hospice care for nine years. I do believe that’s a record! I learned that chiropractic focuses on the nervous system, which controls and enhances every function of the body. I learned that fresh fruits and vegetables did no harm to an ulcerated colon. I learned that our body becomes depleted in vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and amino acids by what we do to it, emotionally and physically. I learned that our bodies needed and could be replenished naturally.

My children grew up, like my husband, with natural remedies and chiropractic care as their first lines of defense. My health is much better now than in my youth, and you will always find me and my family “encouraging” or “arguing” with others to seek the natural route to health. People perish for a lack of knowledge, and I am thankful for the trials as well as the triumphs with my health.

A Baby’s Painful Tears Becomes A Family’s Testimony

A baby’s painful tears becomes a family health testimony
By Mindy Silva

A Baby’s Painful Tears Becomes A Family’s Testimony

My husband and I had never been to a chiropractor before and we never really even gave it much thought. Noah was our third child and at six months old, he started having ear infections. For six weeks, he had a double ear infection. During the next eight weeks, our pediatrician put Noah on seven different prescriptions. The problem, however, was that the pharmaceuticals made him even more sick, stripped his immune system and never even cleared up his ear infections. With the ear infections still occurring, the doctor told us the final option and necessary intervention would be ear tube surgery. Like many other parents, we trusted Noah’s pediatrician that he was giving the best advice based on his knowledge and if the tubes were going to fix everything, then we were all for them. So, we got tubes in his ears. We were shocked when just two weeks later after the surgery, he had another ear infection! Once this happened, Noah’s pediatrician referred us out to many other doctors for his ears. After all the antibiotics and surgery, we still had no solution and we were spending a lot of money on pharmaceuticals and doctor’s visits, not to mention a lot of painful crying for Noah and mommy. this went on for six additional months with more medications and many sleepless nights for Noah and mommy.

On Noah’s one-year-old birthday, which should have been a joyous day for him and our family, he took a turn for the worse. He became severely sick with a double ear infection and a very high fever of 104 degrees. The doctor sent us to the hospital for him to have blood work done and receive more shots. In fact, he had a total of four shots, one shot daily for four days. That night my husband and I broke down and fell to our knees praying over Noah for God to help us. The next morning, my mother called and told us she found Discover Chiropractic and Drs. Hess. I was unsure of chiropractic and had no clue that chiropractors could even help a one-year-old, but I said as long as they did not poke needles at Noah or give us more meds, I was ready to try anything. My husband and I had never been to a chiropractor before and just went based on my mother’s advice and really as a last resort. My mother kept  ncouraging me, so I scheduled the appointment. When we arrived after a 45-minute drive, Drs. Hess’ assistants immediately made me feel welcome and encouraged. They took the time to explain how chiropractic could help Noah, as well as help the entire family. I left that appointment feeling encouraged, uplifted and hopeful. When we returned to Drs. Hess’ office for our second visit, we sat in a new patient class, where they explained how God designed the body, health and healing the natural and chiropractic way and health and healing the allopathic or medicated way. The presentation left me in tears as they were explaining the natural versus medicated road of health. Flashbacks of everything about my Noah was going through my head from the past year. We started going three times a week for three weeks, which was quite the commitment considering how far away we lived. But it was so worth it. During that first month, Noah was sleeping better and suffered no ear infection. After four months going twice a week, still no ear infections. After a year, NO ear infections! Noah is two-and-a-half years old now and still healthy.

Now our whole family is under specific chiropractic care and we thank God every day for healing Noah and giving Drs. Jeremy and Amanda Hess a gift of helping people. Our health is forever changed! Thank you!!

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