Pediatrician, Is He Really Sick?

The Famous Tummy-ache

This past Friday, I was tidying up after my children.  They had just finished eating lunch and it was time for my daughter to take her nap.  After getting her situated, I headed to the kitchen to finish up the last few dishes that were left.

The next sounds I heard were the sounds of my little 13-month old bringing back up his lunch. (Mind you I was still in the middle of finishing mine, so there went my appetite.)

This was so shocking to me because since being 8 weeks old LJ had NEVER vomited!

This little boy has kept down every single meal he has ever been offered! I will say this,  LJ loves to eat! He is solid as a rock and will not turn down a meal, EVER.  So for him to bring back up his lunch, I found myself a little surprised and a little taken a-back.

After I cleaned him up, took off the soured clothes and began cleaning up the mess that was made; he went back to playing as if nothing ever happened.  My exact words to him were, “Did you get that little bug out LJ?”  He stood looking at me, smiled and tapped his belly.

30 minutes later I heard my son going up the steps to spend some time with my dad.  I then heard a lot of commotion coming from the second floor of the house, as I cleaned the bathroom.  I said to myself, “I wonder if LJ threw up again…”

Not even 30 seconds passed and my dad came running down the steps with LJ saying, “Lindsey, LJ’s sick! He just threw up everywhere!”  I proceeded to say, “Oh Dad, he’s not sick! His body is just getting rid of something that it didn’t agree with, that’s all!”

I know my dad was stunned by my response because clearly he had just seen this little boy, throw up every bit of what was remaining in his stomach.  And for me to say, “Oh he’s not sick…” was just doggone crazy for the average person to say…or was it?

“…the first thing to understand is that the majority of symptoms in infanthood are normal reactions of the body fighting infection or warding off some type of toxin.  Secondly, and the most important point, our body is always striving for homeostasis, or balance.  Your baby wasn’t designed to be sick but actually designed to be balanced, whole and healthy” (Baby Designed By God 178)

So was LJ “sick” or was LJ’s body getting rid of something toxic? 

The latter sounds correct to me! LJ’s innate intelligence was eliminating the toxins that had entered his body during lunchtime.  At this point, I could hear his little body saying, “No sir, this stuff is better OUT than IN!”  His body was doing everything in its power to return him back to homeostasis.

And you know what, logically, I think that is what we can call being healthy!!

I know you’re probably still trying to wrap your brain around what I have said, and then again it may make perfect sense to you.  What I want you to do, is to start to open your mind to see things a little differently. Try to see things from a “health” perspective; from God’s perspective. Try to see things from how God designed our children’s bodies to be.

So the next time your precious little one has a tummy ache and vomits all over the place (keep your food down though!)…don’t be so quick to run to the medicine cabinet; don’t be so quick to run out to CVS or Rite Aid.   Allow your precious child’s body to do what it was designed by God to do; because truly your “Baby [is] Designed by God”!



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  1. Crystal Nutt's Gravatar Crystal Nutt
    December 3, 2013 at 9:06 pm | Permalink

    Lindsey, thanks for sharing this! I absolutely love it! Thanks for challenging us to think a new thought…..maybe our bodies ARE capable of ridding themselves of toxins without putting something else in. It’s a new thought and I LIKE IT! <3, C

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