Heartbroken for our mamas and babies

Yesterday, my heart broke as I found out just how blessed I really am. I may have known, and even acknowledged, the blessings God has poured down on me in the past eighteen months, but it never struck me how large they were, or how different my life would be without them.


But then, in the middle of our morning shift yesterday, a young new mom walked in with her teeny tiny newborn girl, five pounds all wrapped up in pink, and asked us to adjust her. We were excited to see her, and to get the baby started off right, so we began the process.


As we spoke to this young mother, I heard all sorts of other peoples’ opinions  about her baby – and none of her own. There was no confidence or pride in her ability to be a mother, to provide for her daughter. And I thought, “Wow, this could have been me.”


It could have been me who allowed the doctor to induce labor four weeks early for whatever reason. It could have been me who thought a “natural” birth only meant I didn’t get the epidural. It could have been me who thought my newborn should be on a schedule. It could have been me who gave my baby formula because “I couldn’t produce enough.” It could have been me standing there, with my crying baby, not knowing what to do because it wasn’t “time” for her to eat, while I questioned a doctor about why she wasn’t pooping every day, or why she wouldn’t stop crying.


That’s the difference the “Designed by God” series is making, one family at a time. I read Baby Designed by God, and was blessed enough to have access to the authors when I had questions. So it was me that refused to let the doctor scare me into early induction “because my baby measured big.” It was me who got adjusted throughout my pregnancy, exercised, ate well, and rocked right through a thirteen hour labor – no drugs, no interventions and only fifteen minutes of pushing. It was me who held that 7 pound baby boy on my chest and delayed cord clamping and “newborn procedures.” It was me who told the hospital staff not to give my baby formula, we were exclusively breastfeeding – and went home early so we could learn how in peace. It was me who told them I wouldn’t supplement because my baby was eating enough – he just gains weight slow like I did, like his daddy did. It was me that went through weeks of arguing with pediatricians about formula and vaccines and reflux medications and kept feeding my baby on demand, even when it was every forty five minutes and I felt like I was only a milk machine. It was me who weaned him off the nipple shield, and celebrated the first time he slept all night.




  1. Babies come when they are ready – early or late.
  2. God won’t give you a baby you can’t birth.
  3. Chiropractic and exercise prepare your body for the marathon of labor, reducing the need for interventions. Its safe for mom and for baby (my little one got his first adjustment at just three days old.)14517368_1246786255380006_6358203927914943409_n
  4. Drugs and medical intervention interfere with your body and your baby connecting, causing issues with postpartum recovery, depression, breastfeeding, et cetera.
  5. Breastfeeding raises immunity, greatly reduces risk of allergies and asthma, helps mom recover, and is 100% possible for every mom and every baby.
  6. You make the decisions – your body, your baby, your call.
  7. You can get more information by reading Baby Designed by God (available on amazon, this website and in some bookstores).
  8. You can reach out for information and support on our facebook page “Natural Living Designed by God.”

Ladies, gentlemen, moms, dads, grandparents, doctors – trust our amazing bodies, our mamas, our babies. Remember that you were created in His image – and that is not an image of lack, of sickness, of deprivation.



His image is one of health, wealth and happiness. “For I know the plans I have for you, plans for a hope and a future.” (Jeremiah 29:11)

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