Coconut Oil… In the Kitchen and Beyond!


By far, Coconut oil is one of the most used [food] items in my home. Although it has had such a bad wrap for so many years, it is one of the greatest oils there is for its many natural, healing, and health benefits.

“The tree of life,” has been used to describe the coconut tree for centuries, since virtually every part of its fruit can be consumed or used. But coconut oil goes beyond the kitchen or cooking, its benefits are almost endless!

Years ago, I was an avid label reader, and although reading labels is important for the most part, it can be very limiting and turn people away from some of the healthiest foods on the planet, such as coconut oil, unrefined, unprocessed, organic extra virgin coconut oil, to be direct. 12 out of the 14 grams per tablespoon are saturated. That used to stop me in my tracks, but did you know our bodies NEED fat and saturated fat? That’s right, our bodies not only need it they crave it! 60 % of our brains alone, are made of fat. Can you imagine what happens when we starve our brains from those essential fatty acids (EFA’s)? Or what happens when we feed it? Not only do our brains need fat for proper brain function, we also need it for many other essential functions.

We NEED Fat For these essentials:

  • Growth
  • Energy
  • Brain and other vital organ function
  • Metabolism
  • Hormone health
  • Healthy skin, eyes, and bones
  • Reproductive health

When we choose to not provide our bodies with the natural, God made fats (EFA’s), like coconut oil, those things above will suffer! So ask yourself are you eating healthy and all natural fats in your diet? Coconut oil is a great addition, along with real grass-fed butter, cold pressed olive oil, flax oil, avocado oil, avocados, nuts, seeds, grass-fed meats, whole eggs and raw milk.

Increase Energy with Coconut Oil

Your body LOVES coconut oil, although it is saturated fat, it is a medium chain fatty acid, which your body will use for fuel before anything else! It also raises good cholesterol, and balances blood sugar without the weight gain. My favorite ways to incorporate coconut oil in my diet:

  • Fry my eggs, nitrate free bacon or sausage
  • Sautee greens (spinach, kale, chard, beet greens)
  • Add 1 tsp. or two to my green smoothie
  • Add 1 tsp. to my coffee and let in melt
  • Coat a baking dish or pan
  • Replace canola or vegetable oil with in any recipe


Coconut Mango Green Smoothie Recipe (Serves 2-3)

1 apple,
1 mango,
1 orange,
1.5 unsweetened almond milk
3 c spinach,
2 tbsp. coconut oil,
3 tbsp. hemp seeds

The many other uses

Coconut Oil is not just for eating. It has so many other health benefits. I literally keep a jar in my kitchen (just for cooking), my bathroom, and my twins room. Why?

Clear out the bathroom clutter, coconut oil is my face wash, eye-make-up remover, moisturizer, dark spot remover, wrinkle cream, acne healer and preventer. I cleanse my face morning and night by rubbing it into my skin then taking it off with a hot washcloth. My skin feels clean, fresh, and moisturized, not tight. If I am in need of a little extra moisture, coconut oil easily absorbs right into the skin, without leaving it greasy. I use it as body moisturizer and it can even be used to treat and prevent stretch marks, with its high vitamin E content (can I get an AMEN ladies!?)!

Coconut Oils Healing Properties

Coconut oil has antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal properties. It is made up of three fatty acids, Lauric Acid, caprylic acid and capric acid, which have amazing healing properties!

Because of those three Fatty acids, Coconut oil can also be used to treat athlete’s foot, yeast infections, jock itch, and yes, I have personally used it as diaper cream many times (hence keeping in my son’s room!). With its anti-bacterial properties, out went petroleum based Neosporin and in went the coconut oil, if my boys, husband or I get a cut or scrape. It is truly a miracle worker! If you have ever seen the movie, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Coconut Oil is my Windex.

It never ceases to amaze me how our God has provided us everything we need to heal ourselves. Yes, modern medicine is a blessing and has its place, but if using Gods food (also known as, Real Food), and Gods medicine first; we would all be better off from the start. His food and his ingredients are true healers.

Guest Post by: Sara Fenoglio

Blog: Loving Life… Naturally

Twitter: @lovinglifenaturally


About the Author

Sara Fenoglio is a Christ follower, Stay-At-Home Wife and Mommy to twin boys, and runs the blog Loving Life… Naturally. She started the blog, after healing her body, naturally, from Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). Her background is in health education, she formerly taught Health Science to at-risk teenagers. She now loves her role as a Real Food and Natural Health advocate for her family and is hoping to spread her passion and help change the health of others, Gods way.


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