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What’s the Difference?

What’s the difference? “I can’t be addicted to it, my doctor prescribed it.” Those are some of the last words I would hear my grandfather, a Vietnam veteran and retired Sheriff’s deputy, say to my father. He died less than a year later of a prescription drug overdose. Sadly, most Americans have the same misconception that […]

The Big 5: Harmful & Unnecessary Medical Procedures for Women

Ladies, it is a well known fact that we are more complicated than our male counterparts, both physically and mentally. And while it is fun to laugh at their simplicity, it is important to realize that our complexity can lead to vulnerability- especially when it comes to our health. Women are much more likely to […]

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“Drs. Jeremy and Amanda Hess have done a brilliant job of packaging life-transforming information that can make your life pain-free and much more enjoyable.”

Jillian Chambers, Lead Pastor of Oasis Church, Nashville, TN

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 “For all the women who pray and long for the miracle of birth. For them to achieve the birth of their dreams”

-Drs. Amanda and Jeremy Hess

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Woman's Oath of Health

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