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The Big 5: Harmful & Unnecessary Medical Procedures for Women

Ladies, it is a well known fact that we are more complicated than our male counterparts, both physically and mentally. And while it is fun to laugh at their simplicity, it is important to realize that our complexity can lead to vulnerability- especially when it comes to our health. Women are much more likely to […]

Body Baby Connection

Baby Designed by God taught us all about healthy pregnancies and natural births, ways to raise your baby naturally and tons of tips on how to have a healthy family from the beginning. Baby was a phenomenal resource for parents to be, and now the Drs. Hess are back with an eye opening book Woman […]

Coconut Oil… In the Kitchen and Beyond!

By far, Coconut oil is one of the most used [food] items in my home. Although it has had such a bad wrap for so many years, it is one of the greatest oils there is for its many natural, healing, and health benefits. “The tree of life,” has been used to describe the coconut […]

We’re Expecting!!!!

…OUR NEW BOOK!! “Woman Designed by God” by authors Drs. Jeremy & Amanda Hess… Coming to a bookshelf near YOU, October 2014!!… You can pre-order “Woman Designed by God” NOW with a 30% DISCOUNT!! <===== Click here!! You can also buy a bundle of “Baby Designed by God” and “Woman Designed by God.”     […]

[VIDEO] Natural Family Planning…Part 2

As a continuation to last Friday’s topic, I found an enlightening and informative video that shares the experience of 3 couples who used Natural Family Planning (NFP).  These couples share their ups and downs with how NFP worked for them and their family. So sit back and enjoy this beautifully recorded documentary of these 3 […]

Natural Family Planning…What Is That?

I’m so glad you asked! I’m going to take a moment to share with you my experience of natural family planning, but before I do, let me give you some background information on what it actually is. According to the American Pregnancy Association, Fertility awareness (aka Natural Family Planning) is a collection of methods using […]

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