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5 Important Questions to Ask a Doula

What is a Doula? Well, from  my experience, my doula was my “rock” when I was enduring the journey of birthing my son.  She believed in me when I no longer believed in myself.  She encouraged me when I felt like giving up.  When the pain was too intense for words, she reminded me of […]

WOAH BABY!!! We’re #1!!

As many of you know, we released our first book “Baby Designed by God” on November 22, 2013!! Talk about a wonderful experience! (be on the lookout for our book signing video too!!) To know that this book is going to change so many lives is such a satisfying feeling, but get this… our book […]

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“Drs. Jeremy and Amanda Hess have done a brilliant job of packaging life-transforming information that can make your life pain-free and much more enjoyable.”

Jillian Chambers, Lead Pastor of Oasis Church, Nashville, TN

Bestseller in Childbirth & Pregnancy 3d-baby-designed-by-god3

 “For all the women who pray and long for the miracle of birth. For them to achieve the birth of their dreams”

-Drs. Amanda and Jeremy Hess

Are You A Healthy Woman?

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Woman's Oath of Health

We created the Woman’s Oath of Health as a reminder for women to view their bodies as a temple of the Holy Spirit. Sign it, Share it with friends, and put it up so everyone knows how you treat your body.