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Heartbroken for our mamas and babies

Yesterday, my heart broke as I found out just how blessed I really am. I may have known, and even acknowledged, the blessings God has poured down on me in the past eighteen months, but it never struck me how large they were, or how different my life would be without them.   But then, […]

3 Ways your Fur Babies can Live Naturally

If you’re visiting this blog, chances are you want to live a healthy, natural life. And for most of us, part of living natural is making sure our families live natural as well. For many of us, this means our fur babies need to get on the bandwagon. As mom to a dog, a cat […]

Worshiping with your Health in 2016

Welcome to Designed by God 2016!! We are excited to share some changes with you, changes we hope will make this blog a resource for you and your family, as well as a tool to teach the community about health, healing and natural living. To that end, be sure to subscribe to the blog on […]

Top Five Tips for Growing Your Own Organic Produce

In part one of Going and Growing, we talked about some of the reasons it’s important to eat organic foods. We also touched on how difficult it is to go organic on a tight budget. My best tip (the one my aunt and I use) is to grow your own food. As an FFA alumni […]

Going & Growing Organic: Why?

Organic food is better for you, it tastes better, it costs less… oh, wait. It costs more. A recent Scientific American article stated that because organic foods cost more to produce, they also cost more in the store. An extra 50 cents for bananas makes a big difference for those living on a tight budget. […]

What’s the Difference?

What’s the difference? “I can’t be addicted to it, my doctor prescribed it.” Those are some of the last words I would hear my grandfather, a Vietnam veteran and retired Sheriff’s deputy, say to my father. He died less than a year later of a prescription drug overdose. Sadly, most Americans have the same misconception that […]

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