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Breast Feeding Toddlers…Should Mothers Do It?

Because more and more women are choosing to breast feed their babies, more and more are also finding that they enjoy it enough to continue longer than the first few months they planned on. Breast feeding to 3 – 4 years of age is common in much of the world recently, and is still common in many societies for toddlers to […]

Breast Milk for Ear Infections… Who Knew!

When LJ was six months old I noticed that when it was time for his nap he would toss and turn.  For some reason he was unable to get comfortable while sleeping.  I knew he wasn’t hungry because he would nurse to sleep. I also knew that he was nice and warm because he was […]

Pediatrician, Is He Really Sick?

The Famous Tummy-ache This past Friday, I was tidying up after my children.  They had just finished eating lunch and it was time for my daughter to take her nap.  After getting her situated, I headed to the kitchen to finish up the last few dishes that were left. The next sounds I heard were […]

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