3d-woman-designed-by-godBook 2 of a series of books by Drs. Jeremy and Amanda Hess, Woman Designed by God focuses on setting the record straight on women’s health issues and the many natural solutions that are available to you. Woman Designed by God was written to give every woman a chance to live a natural, holistic life based on God’s design and what He has offered every woman.


Drs. Jeremy and Amanda Hess have done a brilliant job of packaging life-transforming information that can make your life pain-free and much more enjoyable. Who knew things like shampoo and face wash could actually contribute to major illnesses, including cancer? The success stories from everyday people are sure to inspire you to another level of healthy living.

Jillian Chambers, Lead Pastor of Oasis Church, Nashville, TN

The creation of woman was one of God’s crowning achievements. Woman Designed by God highlights the benefits of embracing how God designed a woman s body. It reminds women that each part of her body serves a purpose and encourages women to research natural methods to promote healing and well-being. –Charity Haulk, Founder of Fruit of the Womb

Today, women in our society are faced with many health and beauty standards based on what they see on television or in a magazine. Woman Designed by God is a breath of fresh air detailing how to be a healthy, natural, and beautiful woman. This will be a go-to guide for years to come for women of all ages looking to live life naturally, the way God designed.

Dr. Samantha Brown, Specific, Scientific Chiropractor, Bright Life Chiropractic

In Woman Designed by God, Drs. Jeremy and Amanda Hess brilliantly combine biblical principles with practical solutions for improving your health and the health of the entire family. This book is fascinating and an easy read. I plan to share it with all my patients.

Meri Warbrick, ND,CCT,CLT

Doctors Jeremy and Amanda Hess have created a comprehensive guide to a woman s health that is both inspiring and transformational. The principles they share are timeless. This book is shockingly eye-opening and will change the way you think about your health, and if taken to heart, could enhance, prolong or even save your life.

Pastor Charla Turner, Turning Point Church, McDonough, GA

Woman Designed by God is an easy to read, straightforward tool for educating women in our pharmaceutical-crazed culture.

Sherri Dodd, Founder and CEO, Advance Global Coaching

My entire life is my spiritual life, and taking care of my health is worship; our bodies are temples. Thank you, Drs. Amanda and Jeremy, for teaching us how to live powerfully.

Pam Kennard, Nspire Outreach

I have found this book to be of great inspiration and believe that it will also greatly impact the lives of those who read it. Drs. Jeremy and Amanda Hess have great understanding of God’s word and how He created the body, as well how the body functions. Their knowledge is cemented in this book. Truly, when someone shares what God has placed in their hearts, something beautiful happens, and that is the case here.

Evangelist Martha Ekua Harley, Founder and CEO, Amazing Grace Evangelical International Ministries, Inc.

It has been exciting to see the Hesses’ journey into capturing the heart of providing a healthy home and life, all through a book. They have worked very diligently to give women some of the steps to living a whole life. I wish I had been given some of the same encouragements and directives when I started my path into a healthy lifestyle, and wait in expectation of the national success of this book and how it impacts communities to move in such lifestyles. Women need to be encouraged to guide their families and themselves and this book does just that!

Tanya Trail, CPM – Midwife

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 “Drs. Jeremy and Amanda Hess have done a brilliant job of packaging life-transforming information that can make your life pain-free and much more enjoyable.”

Jillian Chambers, Lead Pastor of Oasis Church, Nashville, TN