Baby designed by God is a book that will empower and enlighten mothers and fathers from all backgrounds and belief systems that our bodies were wonderfully and magnificently made and have the ability to heal and be whole from the inside-out. Through revealing and dramatic birth stories that will be intertwined throughout the book, including both of Dr. Amanda’s homebirths, it will increase the reader’s knowledge, perspective and faith on the subject of hospital and home birthing options.

Baby designed by God will also take on the tough, yet increasing public awareness of topics like vaccination, alternative health care vs. standard medical care for babies and toddlers, natural whole organic foods vs. foods engulfed with hormones, antibiotics and toxins. In depth explanation of why and how the body heals naturally, how parents and their children can benefit from living naturally and making simple lifestyle changes and common medical and pharmaceutical pit falls to be aware of during pregnancy, birthing and infanthood are discussed throughout the book. Baby designed by God has a reference and resource section covering topics ranging from common natural remedies and foods for children and pregnant mothers, an index of health and birthing books and movies and a printed online reference directory for further study.

Our purpose and objective of writing “Baby designed by God” is to help break in what we believe to be a “medical and pharmaceutical” stronghold on the American public. In one of its chapters, the book portrays the staggering statistics of how sick our culture is and the frightening dilemma of the failing healthcare system. Baby designed by God pulls the blinders off of any uninformed health consumer who desires or dares to know the truth about natural God given methods of pregnancy and childhood.



“I personally know of no other individuals who understand the idea that the human body is a temple of the Holy Spirit better than Drs. Amanda and Jeremy Hess. Their passion and knowledge is revolutionizing audiences across the nation in the areas of healthy living and raising drug free children. The sooner that families can be exposed to these truths the better…this book is a Godsend.”

Gregg Kennard 
NSPIRE Outreach

“Drs. Jeremy and Amanda Hess’ book Baby Designed By God explains how expecting parents can use God-given innate wisdom to confidently nurture their children toward better health. This book is extremely informative and insightful while offering practical steps for parents to take. I recommend it!”

Dr. Beau Adams
Lead Pastor, Community Bible Church

“Dr.’s Jeremy and Amanda Hess, two of the most successful chiropractors of this generation, have written a GEM! Through the pages of Baby Designed By God, you will be enlightened to the intricacies and magnificence of human life and what it takes to truly get healthy and stay healthy!”

Dr. Pete Sulack
Author of Fellowshipping with God’s Voice Matthew 10 Ministries –

“Drs. Jeremy and Amanda Hess’ book, Baby Designed By God, shows parents how to use wisdom and health principles in teaching and raising up their children towards a life of health that God desires for them to have. This book is a must read for any parent who is uncertain about the ‘status quo’ of our healthcare culture and wants their child to live a drug free, vibrant and healthy life.”

Michael Turner
Sr. Pastor of Turning Point ChurchAuthor of Watch Me Daddy

“The Design by God series is a necessity in every home. The natural health principles shared are right on and if practiced by families on a regular basis would shift the health of our country for generations to come. Drs. Jeremy & Amanda Hess hit it out of the park…it’s MUST read.”

Dr. Michael Viscarelli,
ADIO Chiropractic Golden, Colorado

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Bestseller in Childbirth & Pregnancy 3d-baby-designed-by-god3

 “For all the women who pray and long for the miracle of birth. For them to achieve the birth of their dreams”

-Drs. Amanda and Jeremy Hess