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Baby Designed by God taught us all about healthy pregnancies and natural births, ways to raise your baby naturally and tons of tips on how to have a healthy family from the beginning. Baby was a phenomenal resource for parents to be, and now the Drs. Hess are back with an eye opening book Woman Designed by God. This book talks about everything from the menstrual cycle to weight loss to cosmetics and fills in the gaps about women’s health before and after baby. Dr. Amanda marvels at the special abilities a woman’s body has that make her perfect for Motherhood, these being menstruation, pregnancy and lactation.

I have been privileged enough to hear Dr. Amanda speak about pregnancy and birth many times. I am always awed by her passion and confidence in the woman’s body. If all of us believed in the innate potential of our bodies to carry a baby and give birth, I believe we would see less medical intervention, more healthy pregnancies and more healthy women. If women believed that their body could carry the baby, wouldn’t they be less afraid? If they believed they could birth the baby, wouldn’t they do it without help from a doctor? Ladies, it is time to believe this! Our bodies were perfectly designed to give life.

How can you decrease fear and increase confidence in your body?

  1. Educate yourself about what your body is capable of and natural, non-surgical methods to maximize its capability.

There are so many different ways! The biggest two in my opinion, based on my experiences and the information I have discovered not only in Woman but in countless articles and studies, are scientific chiropractic care and birth positions.

Chiropractic care is proven to reduce labor time and pain, because it keeps the spine and most importantly the pelvis, in alignment. An aligned pelvis will widen during labor much easier than a misaligned one! Another big one is the position you give birth in. In a hospital bed with your feet in stirrups, your pelvis isn’t able to expand as much as it does when you squat or stand, and you are fighting gravity to push your baby out. On the flip side, if you squat or are on your hands and knees, the pelvis can expand and gravity can assist the baby out.

Dr. Amanda Squats

(Dr. Amanda Hess demonstrates a squatted birth position)

  1. Take action.

-Write your birth plan, stick to it.

-Seek out Chiropractic care.

-Believe that you can give birth naturally and you will.

Nobody knows your body better than you, so don’t let someone else make those vital decisions for you and your baby. You know your body is capable of pushing that baby out no matter how big he is, because your body grew him that big. You know that when the right time comes, the baby will be born- not a minute sooner or later. And most of all you know that your body is capable of healing itself, of functioning at optimal levels. It was designed by God, a masterpiece, not a piece of junk. Treat it like you would treat a priceless piece of art and you will feel like a million bucks!

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